Starting with the End in Mind

We know you want Family, Boudoir, Headshot Portraits taken, but what are you going to do with them? That is the key question. At Heart of Gold, we start with the End in Mind while planning your session. Before any payment is made, camera picked up, wardrobe discussed… We want to know where you would like to display your Family Art Work. Do you prefer large canvas’s on your wall? Is there a large staircase in your home you would like to see adorned with a collection of canvas’s? Or what about a small reading nock in your home?

Or do you prefer a Coffee Table Album to display your portraits in? We love to tell your families story in a beautiful custom- designed album that captures and archives this time-period in your children’s childhood.

Whatever your needs are, we will help guide you through the process during the Complimentary One-On-One Design Consultation Meeting.

Heart of Gold Portrait Experience

Heart of Gold is a Full Service Photography solution for all of your family’s photography needs.

We are a family owned and operated business that we created to provide your family with high quality Italian albums and Wall Art that you will treasure for years to come. To do this, we utilize the following process:
– Pre-Wardrobe Consultation
– Portrait Session
– Show client portraits
– Printing of the Portraits at a Professional lab
– Hand Delivery and Installation of your Wall Art (Canvas, large prints, metal prints, etc…)

Step 1: Pre Consultation- Complimentary

Our Pre Consultation is designed as a complimentary 30 – 60 minute session in which we discuss your goals to help us determine how we can best meet your needs. Our Pre Consultation can be conducted either in person or over the phone. During this time, we work together to outline the details of your session. Discussing such things as what type of photo session you are seeking, what type of photography “look” you have in mind, and what your options are. We discuss the location for the photo session; Are you wanting an In Home photo session, “Themed” Session, or would you prefer to use our Studio? Or what about something outdoors?

Then, we determine which type of Wall Art you desire, Canvas’s, Metal, Mounted Prints, Framed or not framed, etc.. We learn your overall expectations and explain the various print packages we can use to utilize ALL of your Wall Art needs. This is an important step, to take this time to work with you to determine not only “why” you are looking to have portraits made, but “what” you would like to do with them AFTER they have been completed.

This step is critical and helps us to learn about you and your family and tailor the photography session to your personal needs.

Based on this Pre Consultation meeting, we can establish our Session Fees, Wall Art packages, and Print Items best suited to fit your needs before we schedule your Photo Session. EVERY Quote is Made to Order and Specialized

Step 2: The Portrait Session

This is where the preplanning activities and fun come together to generate beautiful pieces of art! This is your time to shine! Will we be capturing your maternal glow for all to see? Focusing on the precious beauty of your newborn? Coaxing a smile or laugh from your little one? Capturing the Smash Cake Celebration of a year milestone? Bringing your family together to document the memories of lives shared?


Time durations for the Portrait Session are normally 1-2 hour sessions (3-4 for newborn), either indoor or outdoor depending on the look desired for natural or studio light. Hair and Makeup Services are included for ALL session types.

Step 3: Portrait and Frame Selection- In Person Guided Ordering Session

This hour long session allows us to “reveal” your anticipated portraits to you. Scheduled 2 weeks after the Photo Shoot, you will see the portraites we were able to capture. We discuss your Wall Art layout, Prints, and Digital Packages. You are under NO additional obligation to purchase anything! We do not use High Pressure Sales Tactics. We want you to LOVE not only your photos but also YOUR EXPERIENCE!

You are encouraged at this time to bring a digital photo of your living room, nursery, etc… We will upload it into our software and then place portratis on your Wall so you will see the actual portraits displayed on your wall before making any decisions.

Step 4: Delivery- No additional Fees

We delivery the Wall Art and/or prints to your home. Installation of large canvas’s is also included at no additional cost.


Our detailed printing packages are available during the Pre Consultation Phone Call and start at $250


CONTACT US TODAY 859-667-8104 to find out how we can serve you!