You’ve waited your entire life to meet the child you were meant to have. Your maternity journey has come to an end and your precious little one has finally made their entrance into this world. The miracle of creation has continued through you and you are completely in love. Ever since your baby was placed in your arms, you haven’t been able to stop staring. Lovingly gazing over every feature, drinking in the beauty, and wonder of your perfect babe. You want to memorize every detail. You want your baby to know and feel your love. The love and pride you feel is unexplainable! You just can’t wait to show off the gorgeous little angel before you to all your friends and family.

Heart of Gold Photography understands exactly how you feel. As parents ourselves, we have experienced that instant love and wonder. That is why we strive to help other families to capture the uniqueness of their newest addition through our Newborn Sessions. Welcoming families to bring their little ones into our Lexington Studio, we offer a variety of props and poses to create beautiful Wall Art. Focusing our lenses and all of our attention on your little one, we devote three to four hours capturing image after image during your baby’s Newborn Session. This allows us to comprise a gallery of 40-50 shots for you to choose from during the Private Reveal and Ordering session. The result of which will give you a beautiful piece of Wall Art your whole family will treasure. Contact us today to schedule your Newborn Session! And please, feel free to peruse our Newborn gallery below! For a complimentary consultation please contact us @ 859-967-8104 or