Heart of Gold Photography understands that Maternity is one of life’s most miraculous journeys a woman can undertake. It’s a time of blessing as a new life forms and thrives. It’s a time of bonding unlike any other between mother and child. A time of wonder, change, and excitement that words simply can’t explain. Yet while words might lack the power to fully convey a soon to be mom’s experience, a photograph certainly can. Our Maternity Sessions are designed to document the beauty and change of a new mom’s body. That radiant glow of excitement and love that only a soon to be mom can possess. To capture the wonder and development of the miracle of pregnancy. As we know, all soon to be moms have an experience, look, and journey unique to them alone. To preserve the moment of oneness between mother and child, we are proud to offer Maternity Sessions at our Lexington Studio. Sessions can also be arranged at locations requested if preferred. We also offer Boudoir Maternity Sessions, portfolio pictures only available in person and not published online. For a complimentary consultation please contact us @ 859-667-8104 or