Mar 1, 2018

She rocks gently back and forth…back and forth. Cradling the babe she loves so much in her arms, as she hums softly. Watching as big beautiful eyes flutter closed and back open resisting sleep. And she thinks of how those same eyes light up with recognition and excitement now when they see a favorite toy or loved one. With awe and wonder of the world, they’re always wanting to see everything. How quickly her baby is growing, learning, changing. That sweet little mouth that loves to coo and smiles so readily, has it’s first set of teeth coming in now. That baby fine hair is getting so long and filling in nicely. It won’t be long before she will have to schedule that first haircut. The incredibly soft, sweet, pink cheeks have become so chubby and full! Those little hands that grasped a part of her finger as a newborn, are always so busy now! Always reaching, grabbing as they learn contours and textures. Those little legs that love to kick and bounce are now strengthening, preparing to support, as her little one has started attempting to pull up and stand now. Oh, how those little feet that used to be the length of her finger have grown! It won’t be very long before she hears them pitter-pattering of them passing through the house. It seems to all be happening so quickly! Her baby is just learning and growing in amazing ways, at an amazing rate. As she looks down at the serene little face sleeping at last, she wishes she could freeze time! To somehow find a way to keep her baby a baby just a little longer! And now she can…introducing Milestone Memories by Heart of Gold Photography.

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