Mar 10, 2018

Heart of Gold Photography does the majority of our sessions inside of our Lexington/Winchester Studio. So anytime we get the opportunity to do an on location shoot or work outside its a special treat for us. Add in a fun and loving family like this one and it makes for a great day of fun and laughter. Mom and Dad were a pleasure to work with! The children were an absolute delight! We loved seeing them interact with each other and their antics had us in stiches the entire time! Seeing the personality of each member of this family conveyed through in the finished product of their Wall Art Canvas’s, was what we strived to do and we succeeded!

We firmly believe that although the purpose of a photograph is to capture each moment for future reflection, the moment that a photograph is taken should be in itself a beautiful and fun memory. Knowing that in the years to come this family will be able to say, “Remember when we took these pictures…..”, makes it priceless!

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