Jan 3, 2018

No one comes into this world with all the answers, knowing the right steps to take, and roads to travel. We all make mistakes. It’s what makes us human. Some of these mistakes maybe greater than others, or take us to places we wish we had never been. Mistakes and wrong choices are not what define us though. What defines us, are the changes we make in our behavior, life-style, and future as a direct result. We must individually choose whether to stay in the dark places we come to find ourselves, accepting it as our lot in life, or if we have the heart and willpower to continue forward growing from the knowledge we obtained.

It’s a common occurrence in our society for people to find themselves lost in battles which vary from person to person, each seemingly caught within their own. Some sadly stay lost in their bondage, while others battle forward to rise up and conquer said battles. Freeing and creating new lives, not only for themselves but also for their loved ones. They sometimes struggle but in the end they overcome. Such victories should not be hidden away shamefully, but celebrated by all. They serve a purpose and set an example for those currently lost. An inspiration of hope, they are stories of redemption.

The young couple in the pictures below contacted us seeking information about our newborn sessions offered, at Heart of Gold Photography for their precious baby girl. During the course of their consultation at our Winchester Studio they shared with us their story and how they overcame it. Their journey has not been an easy one, but together they changed their lives and became a family. Working to achieve the goals they have set to not only better their lives, but that of their daughter’s. We were very greatly moved by all they courageously shared with us and decided to title their photograph: Life Restored. It’s our hope that when someone looks upon their beautiful Wall Art they see not only their precious baby but the beauty of Life Restored.

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