Mar 13, 2018

Life and family are two of the greatest gifts we could ever possess. Each contain a bounty of beauty in their own way, and should be cherished for the blessings that they are. After all, none of us know how long we will be here. Nor do we know how long we will have to share with those that mean the most to us, and family, as we know can never be replaced. It’s where we come from. The ones we share our days with. The ones we pour ourselves into that will carry us into the future with them.

For this reason, we here at Heart Of Gold Photography believe family should be documented and celebrated. So we decided to do something very special. For a limited time, we will be opening the doors to our Lexington/Winchester Studio and extending an invitation to 3rd and 4th generation families seeking a family portrait. Those who wish to become a part of our newest and limited line of sessions, which we entitled Hands Of Time, need only contact us to schedule. Hands of time will not only be a fun and unique experience, but also a very pampering one in which we provide everything from makeup and hair, to clothing, all to help you capture the beauty of your family and provide you with unique pieces of wall art which your family will proudly display and cherish for generations to come. As stated, these sessions are limited and will be on a first come basis. To learn more and schedule yours, contact us today!

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