Aug 6, 2018

For some of our unique sessions, Heart of Gold Photography has to leave our Lexington/Winchester Studio behind. That was the case for this particular session, and we couldn’t be prouder of what we accomplished. The wonder and love a unicorn inspires inside a young girl’s heart seems to be something she’s just born possessing. When we decided to offer our Unicorn Sessions, we were focused on that fun and joy the experience would be to our young clients. Yet the more Unicorn Sessions we do, the more we find the magic of these sessions affects not only those of us involved, but those who view our photographs as well. There’s just something unexplainable about the combination of young beauty along side nature’s majestic creature. This stunning piece of WallArt is a perfect example. From her serene expression and uncoached pose, we see the natural response of a beautiful maiden and her “unicorn”. With just a touch she seems to be commanding him. Subduing him. Or perhaps calming the wild spirit within him. The silent communication we captured passing between the two is absolutely mesmerizing. Note the look of trust, understanding, and love in not only his eyes, but our sweet client’s face. What parents wouldn’t be delighted to display such a powerful image of their child?

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