What makes a family? Family to us, at Heart of Gold Photography, is any group of people that choose to love one another and share their lives. It’s built of love, unity, dedication, and loyalty. It’s the people that share our lives and matter most to us. Those that give us a sense of “coming home” when we think of them or enter their presence. The ones we bond with so strongly that we carry them with us throughout our lifetimes, even after they are gone. Perhaps they are created by ties forged of blood and genetics, such as parents with children, or siblings. Perhaps, it’s the mate that we are blessed to find and establish a life with. The children we chose that were in born in our hearts which we cannot imagine our lives without. Family is sometimes generational, but other times just beginning with individuals joining hearts and hands to become a new line. Whether established or newly forming, it’s a record of our past, present, and a legacy for the future. And the photographs are a visual family tree evidencing it’s existence. It’s history in the making, as new memories are created each day. We are privileged to participate in preserving these memories for so many families. Witnessing the love they share, and capturing it in beautiful pieces of Wall Art that they can proudly display, is a blessing for all involved. Wall Art that is captured in just a moment yet will go on to bear testament to the love, and the lives they share. It says, “This is who we are!” and even “We were here!”, to future generations as a family expands in years to come.

Below you will find a collection of the families we have worked with. Some are new to us, while others have returned often to our Lexington Studio, or scheduled us to come to their home for a location shoot. Please feel free to scroll through our family gallery and view out portfolio containing a selection of some of the families we have had the pleasure to photograph over the last few years. For a complimentary consultation please contact us @ 859-967-8104 or info@hrtofgoldphoto.com.