Sep 2, 2018

The magic and wonder of Christmas is something life often deprives us of as we age. What was once a time of awe and possibilities sadly becomes more about stress, finances, and worries robbing us of the true Christmas experience. After all, the burden and responsibilities to give your family the best Christmas you can is easily enough to dampen anyone’s Christmas spirit. Decorating and lights become a hassle. Traffic becomes unbearable and patience becomes a lost virtue. Here at Heart of Gold Photography, we have given this much thought and decided to look at Christmas differently starting this year.

We decided to view it through the eyes of a child

…. and would like to invite you to join us in doing so for just a moment.

Picture the lights. To a child the lights are bright and beautiful as they illuminate the night. Proof that great things are coming much like a symbol of hope. The tree is awesome and special. Something to look forward to and to delight in decorating. The gifts that appear underneath it are a way that their little heart’s desires can miraculously come to be if only Santa will help. Remember for just a moment how getting that one thing that you wanted most seemed so possible if only you could get through to Santa to let him know.

So you wrote letters, and begged to wait in lines that seemed three miles long just to get the chance to spend two minutes sitting on his lap and telling him what you most desired? The wait to see if he really understood how important your wish list was to you, and if he would come through?

Santa, the possibility maker.

The one whom could produce Christmas miracles like Red Rider BB Guns, and Betsy Wetsies. Bicycles and doll houses. Santa, the one who listens to children. and can make dreams come true! After seeing things again through the eyes of a child, we knew we had to do something special starting this year to help keep Christmas magical as long as possible and to help give what children we can the most fantastic Christmas memories possible. So we will be opening the doors of our Lexington/Winchester Studio and transforming it into Santa’s Kentucky Workshop, where Santa can have special one on one time with your child during our BAKING WITH SANTA Sessions!

The sessions are designed to give your child the very best most interactive time with Santa as well as a unique and darling Christmas Photography Session. For twenty to thirty minutes (depending on package selected), your child will interact personally with Santa doing activities such as Cookies with Santa, Story time with Santa, and Wish List Letters all the while we work to capture each and every magical moment! At the completion of your session, your child has made amazing Christmas memories they will never forget, and we will provide your family with unique and truly beautiful keepsake WallArt you will be sure to treasure always.

Spots will be limited to October 20, November 3, and November 10. Click here to schedule today: BOOK NOW

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